Important: For new students, please always call the studio and check for availability before trying any class. Some classes may be closed but not marked on this schedule. Thank you!


Please Note: The ages shown on this schedule are merely a guideline for placement. Students are placed in classes according to their technical abilities at the discretion of the Instructor.


Classes that are starred (*) please refer to the following:

* before the class name = pay the instructor directly.

**Teacher recommendation or audition only.

***Students must be taking the "Companion Class or Classes (See Office for Pre-requisite Requirement Sheet).


*Competition students will be placed in their level based off of the Competition Team Auditions.

Beg/Level I

Novice/Recreational (0-2 years of dancing)

Level II

Beginning (3-4 years of dancing)

Level III

Intermediate One (5-7 years of dancing)

Level IV

Intermediate Two (8-9 years of dancing)

Level V

Advanced One (10-11 years of dancing)

Level VI

Advanced Two (12-+ years of dancing)



3:00-4:00 Pee-Wee Acro I-II 4-7 Kaitlin
4:00-5:00 Jazz I-II 5-7 Kirsti - now enrolling
4:00-5:00 **Acro/Tricks IV-VI Teen Kaitlin
4:00-5:00 Pee-Wee Ballet Technique     I-II 5-7 Krista
4:00-5:00 Hip-Hop I-II 6-10 Paris
4:00-5:00 Ballet I 8-12 Robin
4:00-5:00 ***Petite 1/Petite 2 Large Hip-Hop Comp. II-III 7-9 Mandy - Closed
5:00-6:00 ***Teen 2 /SR Tap Technique IV-V Teen/Senior Mandy
5:00-6:00 ***Pee-Wee Hip-Hop Comp. II-III 4-7 Kaitlin - Closed
5:00-6:00 Tap Beg-I 8-12 Krista
5:00-6:00 Hip-Hop I-II 11-Teen Paris
5:00-6:00 Lyrical I-II 8-12 Kirsti - now enrolling
5:00-6:00 Ballet/Tap Combo Beg-I 4-6 Robin
6:00-7:00 ***Teen 2/SR Hip-Hop Line IV-VI Teen/Senior Kaitlin - Closed
6:00-7:00 Jr 1/Teen 1 Tap Technique II-III 9-12 Mandy
6:00-7:00  Hip Hop Beg-I 8-12 Paris - now enrolling
6:00-7:00 Jazz Beg-I 5-8 Robin
6:00-7:00  *Tahitian II-VI Open Torea
6:00-7:00 Musical Theatre I-II 8-10 Krista
7:00-8:00 ***Senior Small Hip-Hop Comp. V-VI Senior Mandy - Closed
7:00-8:00 Junior 1/Teen 1 Ballet Technique I-II 11-Teen Krista
7:00-8:00 *Zumba Open Open Kelly
7:00-8:00 *Tahitian  IV-VI 14+ Torea
8:00-9:00 ***Teen 2/Senior Large Musical Theatre Comp.  V-VI Teen/Senior Krista - Closed
8:00-9:00 ***Teen 1 Large Hip-Hop Comp.  I-II 11-Teen Mandy - Closed
8:00-9:00 *Tahitian  IV-VI Adults Torea

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